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About The Program

Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Do you believe that today? I am living proof that God's plans for us are GOOD! I started with literally $0 in the bank and climbed my way up to paying myself a six-figure salary, with the Lord's help, of course!

If you have been praying about launching your own client-based business and you feel as if God is giving you the green light, then I want to show YOU the tips and tricks I've learned (as well as help you avoid the mistakes I've made!) to help you start, grow, or run a thriving client-based business!

In this coaching program, you will learn how to:

Get—and keep—high quality clients that will beg you to work with them

Structure your pricing and know how much to charge

Use social media to build an audience that WANTS to follow you

Host discovery calls with potential clients

Balance your personal and work life without burning out

Hire talented and highly engaged employees who love working for you

Much, MUCH more!



Personal and group coaching 

Schedule me for one-on-one coaching calls, network and connect in my group coaching sessions, or text me if you get stuck or need some motivation!


Gentle yet constructive feedback

I don't believe you need to make someone feel like a failure to offer constructive feedback. I also love my clients too much to not tell them the truth. I will share my feedback on your website, social media, proposal—you name it—while making sure to make you feel like the rockstar you are.

CliftonStrengths assessment

Included in my program is a top 5 CliftonStrengths assessment to help you learn what you naturally do best and uncover how to maximize your potential. Plus, receive a lesson from a CliftonStrengths certified coach.


Custom Planner and Workbook

I have put together a customized planner and workbook that walks you through the steps I took to build my business.

Lifetime Access to Library of Resources

Watch any lesson or recording you'd like 24/7, plus a folder where I will place resources that I think you'll find helpful.

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Are you ready to take that leap of faith today?

My next session starts SOON so be sure to LOCK IN my discounted early bird rate before the price goes up! 👇🏻



What they said

Amy is an amazing mentor! She truly cares for you as a person, not just as a client. She is great at making me feel supported and walking me through everything I need to know in order to feel prepared for a project. She is such a genuine person and I truly love working with her!

-Addison Dake

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Amy Joan - A Coach Who Cares

My coaching program isn't like your ordinary coaching program. I believe that we need each other, because God wants community for us. This is why I offer group and personal coaching in my program.


I truly care about making sure ladies make what they're worth and build the life of their dreams. That is why I will love you enough to hold you accountable, give you constructive feedback, and motivate you when you feel as if you are falling short.

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