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You have 15 seconds or less...go!

Did you know that when someone visits your website, you have literally 15 seconds or LESS to hook them before they jump off?

That's like less than the time it takes to soften ice cream in the microwave!

With countless distractions just a click away, it has become increasingly vital to captivate your audience immediately upon landing on your website.

In my 10 years of experience of designing websites for clients, I have picked up 3 super important strategies that I want to share with you today. Feel free to do a quick audit of your website to see if you are in line with these tips:

1. Make your intentions clear. The very first thing your audience should see is a big, bold, compelling headline that describes what you do, and how you can help. If your site visitor is confused and can't figure out exactly what you do within the first few seconds, they are OUT and onto the next competitor!

2. You need CTAs. EVERYWHERE. You need to make it SUPER easy for your site visitor to learn more, so the call to action buttons should be literally everywhere. As they scroll through your website and see something that interests them, you need to be figuratively standing right by them with a pen and paper ready to sign!

3. Your home page is not so much about you. Yes, you need to describe what you do, but the purpose of it should be more about what you can do for your potential client. Come up with your selling points...the 5-7 BEST reasons someone should hire you or purchase your product. Then weave them into your home page. As they scroll, they should be more and more convinced that you really are a rockstar at what you do.

There are tons more marketing strategies I use when designing amazing websites for my clients, but these three tips should get you well on your way to building a website that people want to hang out on!

If you are in need of a website or just a rehaul, I am offering a HUGE DISCOUNT this week only on website design services!

Are you ready for this?

$150 for the home page and $100 for each additional page.

Try to find that deal anywhere else!

I am able to take just three design requests this week, so be sure to reply to this email to grab your spot! It's first come, first served.

Closing the digital doors for now, but I'll be back in action when duty calls!

Amy Joan

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